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In February of this year, PS 135 began the installation of 58 Guardian Air units to assist in reducing absenteeism due to illness. During a meeting in January of 2006 members of the school district met with RGF and G. W. Berkhiemer to discuss ongoing problems with the air quality in the school.

Like many older schools there were many complaints regarding the air quality. The most common were mold, musty odors and teachers complaining of being uncomfortable in certain rooms. The RGF factory personnel explained the unique approach to air quality that the Guardian Air family of products provides; it's ability to kill microbes (mold, bacteria and viruses) in the conditioned space instead of trying to kill them in the air handler. They also informed the members of the school district the fact that a well known cruise line had installed them in all of their cruise ships to protect the passengers from the Norwalk Virus. During the discussion, RGF shared with the school district the results of a test done by Midwest Research Institute (MRI), where the Guardian Air achieved a kill rate on Norwalk Virus of 99.9999% in a series of one hour tests. It is important to note that the Norwalk Virus is the cause of 54% of all the stomach flu Americans suffer each year.

The school district decided to try the product and would phase it in during class room modifications to be done in spring of 2007. As part of the project, the school decided to run preliminary studies on the effect on absenteeism verses the same period a year earlier. The results showed that with the Guardian Air units installed, the absenteeism fell by 15-20%. This is a very important point for all school districts as they receive their federal and state funding based on daily attendance records. So the more students in school, the more funding they receive. In essence, PS 135 got an increase in their funding of 15-20%.

Guardian Air finds happy patrons at local smoking bars
RGF recently completed two new installations in Texas at smoking bars; both the "Bitter End" in San Antonio, TX and "Shooters" in Cedar Park, TX. Both of these applications were heavy on cigarette odors and it was the staff that ultimately suffered. RGF Representative in Texas, Todd Montgomery, recommended Guardian Air units to try and combat the constant smoke odors and VOC introduced to the space. The units were installed at 10am and Todd received a text that night at 4am from one of the bartenders that just simply read "YEAH!". After working for 14 years, the bartender said it was the first night ever he had come home without smelling like smoke.

Bitter End

Bitter End - San Antonio, TX

Shooters - Cedar Park, TX

The Excelsior Condominium
Steve Brandon, of The Excelsior Condominium in Boca Raton, Florida sent us this letter recently to let us know how pleased he and his residents were with the Guardian Air systems installed there. Having done installations of this type in the past, RGF technicians know it is not always the easiest thing to please multiple residents in these types of facilities. However, from Steve's own words, we obviously have made a hit. Not to mention the Guardian Air systems have lasted well beyond their warranted life expectancy.

Gold's Gym Installs Guardian Air and REME

Gold's Gym in Orlando, FL has recently began a rollout of Guardian Air and REME units to all 8 locations around the city. The first building with 12 units was installed and results have been excellent. The management staff at Gold's currently working with RGF to feature the Guardian Air in advertisements and posters all over every location as the rollout is progressing.

St. Helena Hospital

St. Helena Hospital of St. Helena California is another on the list of happy & safe hospitals using Guardian Air PHI to reduce infectious disease spread.

St. Helena Hospital - St. Helena, California

IRS in Austin installs 80 Units, Plans to Study Employee Sick Time

The IRS Center in downtown Austin, TX installed 80 units in their entire facility. They were concerned about improving employee morale and reducing sick time and installing Guardian Air units in their facility to drastically improve IAQ seemed like the perfect solution. They plan on examining employee sick time in the year before installation and the year after to determine how much the improvement in indoor air quality helped. Before those results are completed, we can already say the employees really appreciate the fresh feeling to the air.


Texas Mutual Insurance

Texas Mutual Insurance is a three billion dollar national company with locations in multiple states throughout the country. They are a very progressive company and had heard about the Phi Technology from one of their technicians who had attended a Phi Technology Training hosted by Insco Distributing and taught by Todd Montgomery. Texas Mutual Insurance extended an invitation to Todd Montgomery to meet with some of their upper management to explain the benefits of Phi Technology and possible application for their Austin facility. After a very productive two hour meeting with the Operations Manager, Facilities Manager and Regional VP, Texas Mutual Insurance decided to have four independent labs test the results of the product at four separate practical applications. The results were so positive, within one month they installed 30+ units in their Austin facility. The Austin facility contains two 400 ton air handlers and one 12 ton system. The units performed so well, with the company recording a significant drop in absenteeism, Texas Mutual had 30+ units installed in an affiliated building in Austin. They are working on installing the product in all their locations nationwide. The primary significance of this testimonial is this customer is an insurance company and they understand the consequences of liability.

Jacobs Homes

Jacobs Homes is one of the leading custom home builders in Central Texas with approximately 25 active model homes. An opportunity arose allowing us to meet with the Director of Purchasing, President, Product Manager and Kuene A/C (Jacobs' preferred a/c contractor). As a result of this meeting Jacobs Homes has decided to install the product in all of their model homes. All model homes are between 2500 and 4000 square feet and contain a minimum of two a/c systems. There is a meeting scheduled for 10/20/08 with all salespeople and upper management in order to train them on the benefits of Phi Technology. Afterwards Jacobs is implementing a strategy that involves installing Phi Cells in all of their employees' homes. They plan to offer Phi Technology as an option in their upgrade package to all new home buyers and contact all current Jacobs Home owners in order to inform them of the benefits of the Phi Technology.

Nash Heating & Air

Nash Heating & Air is an A/C company based out of New Orleans. The owner believed in the product despite the skepticism of his technicians, specifically his lead technician who has a 4 year old daughter that is allergic to everything and takes daily breathing treatments and other medicines associated with her allergies. Because of his confidence in the product the owner gave each technician a Guardian Air Phi cell for Christmas. While conducting a subsequent sales training for Nash Heating & Air the lead technician asked to share his story. He explained to everyone that after installing the Phi Cell and having it run for only 4 days his daughter no longer required daily breathing treatments or medicines for her condition.